About Us

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 presents an ideal and peaceful housing opportunity located in the heart of Islamabad. With its picturesque backdrop of the Margalla Hills and the peaceful Garden, this gated community offers a dreamlike lifestyle. It caters to both investors and residents seeking comfort and luxury. Strategically situated close to Bahria Enclave, it enhances a prime location for convenient living.

Phase 2 of Park View City features an array of residential plots and villas. Planned to provide a safe and secure environment. You can enjoy the beauty of their surroundings while enjoying easy access to urban amenities. Our visionary design of the development ensures breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere.

For those seeking an investment opportunity, Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 stands out as an investor’s paradise. Promising attractive returns in the current real estate market of Islamabad. Embrace the luxury of contemporary living in this prestigious community, where every moment is filled with comfort and peace. 

Owners and Developers

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 stands proudly as a testament to the visionary expertise of our esteemed developers, the Vision Group. With a rich history of excellence in the real estate sector. We have consistently delivered outstanding projects since its inception in 2012. We are known for our commitment to luxury living, and seamlessly blend elegant aesthetics with modern functionality, ensuring that each development is beyond expectations.

Park view city phase 2 developer exemplifies the Vision Group’s dedication to creating spaces of unparalleled beauty and quality. As one of our flagship projects in Islamabad, it showcases the seamless integration of natural landscapes and urban sophistication, about setting new standards for residential societies in the region. With a reputation built on reliability and trustworthiness, we continue to lead the way in shaping Pakistan’s real estate industry landscape.

Developers’ Previous projects

Our Vision Group boasts a diverse and prestigious portfolio that has made a lasting impact on Pakistan’s urban scenery. Notable among our ventures is the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, reflecting our dedication to philanthropy and community development.

We’ve also crafted architectural masterpieces like the Park View Icon on Karachi’s vibrant I.I.Chundrigar Road, setting new benchmarks in urban sophistication. About our flagship project, Park View City in Islamabad, epitomizes our vision for luxurious living amidst natural splendor. In addition, our Park View Villas along Multan Road in Lahore exemplify our dedication to building vibrant and integrated communities. Through these Park view city phase 2 developer previous project, we continue to shape Pakistan’s cityscape with innovation and excellence.


  •       Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  •       Park View Icon located at I.I. Chundrigar Road-Karachi
  •       Park View City in Islamabad
  •       Park View Corporate Centre at Mall Road-Lahore
  •       Park View Signature Apartments at Gulberg-Lahore
  •       The National School
  •       Park view villas at Multan Road-Lahore