Park View City Phase 2 Features

Park View City Phase 2 Features

There are various features and facilities other than the location and Park View City Phase 2 payment plan that park view city phase 2 is providing to its residents. It includes safety and security, gated community, parks and playground, mosque, roads, educational facilities, health care facilities, restaurant and cafes and whatnot. In fact Park view city phase 2 facilities and amenities are enough to convince buyers and investors to invest here. 

At Park View City Phase 2 master plan, we prioritize providing top-notch features and amenities to enhance the living experience of our residents. These amenities cater to various needs, ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle for all.

Features and Facilities

Gated Community:

Our gated community offers residents a secure and exclusive living environment. With controlled access points and professional security personnel, residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing their safety and privacy are prioritized.

Educational facilities:

We are offering various schools and colleges in the community so everyone can get the standard education. By hiring highly qualified and educated teachers we will give the best education system to our kids.

Hospital/ Clinic:

Your health is important for us and that is the reason we are providing you with the best healthcare system in the community. The qualified and experienced doctors will be available 24/7 in case of any emergency.

Parks and Green Spaces:

Residents can unwind in lush parks and green spaces, offering serene retreats amidst nature. These areas provide opportunities for relaxation, leisurely walks, and with outdoor activity features, fostering a connection with the natural environment.

Shopping Centers:

Our modern shopping centers offer residents easy access to a diverse range of retail outlets and services. From supermarkets to boutiques, residents can find everything they need within close proximity, enhancing convenience and lifestyle.

Basic Utilities:

We ensure reliable access to essential services such as electricity, water, and sanitation. Consistent water supply and efficient waste management contribute to residents’ comfort and well-being, maintaining cleanliness and sustainability within the community.

Required Documents for Booking

To facilitate a smooth booking process and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Buyers interested in booking a property in Park View City will need to provide the following documents:

Copy of National Identity Card (CNIC):

A valid copy of the buyer’s National Identity Card is essential for identity verification and legal documentation purposes.

Passport-size Photographs:

Recent passport-sized photographs of the buyer(s) are required for record-keeping and identification purposes.

Proof of Income:

Buyers may be required to submit proof of income, such as salary slips, bank statements, or income tax returns, to demonstrate their financial capacity to purchase the property.

Booking Form:

The completed booking form provided by Park View City’s sales office or authorized agents is necessary to initiate the booking process.

Booking Payment:

Buyers will need to make the initial booking payment as per the payment plan provided by Park View City Phase 2. This payment is usually a percentage of the total property value.

Any Additional Required Documents:

Depending on specific requirements or circumstances, Park View City may request additional documents for booking, such as proof of address or marital status documentation.